Why Rangrasiya should not go off air

Rangrasiya is scheduled to go off air in September and this has viewers shocked.Newsroom presents a list of reasons that why Rangrasiya shouldn’t go off air :

1.Fan Base
The show has a huge online fan base,who are very active on social media fighting against the decision taken by the channel.Viewers are constantly tweeting to save the show or give it a fresh new season.

2.Sanaya Irani and Ashish Sharma’s chemistry
Sanaya Irani and Ashish Sharma literally set the screen on fire with their sizzling chemistry.The fun filled offscreen segments that brings a smile on viewers faces and the friendship bonding they share.

3.Rangrasiya : A hit in the UK
Rangrasiya captured the UK’s audience heart and the ratings of the show indicate the same.It has topped the channel and become number 1 show of Colors TV in the UK many times.

4.Show has same viewership like Uttaran
Uttaran has been stretched so much that viewers are waiting for the show to end and many feel Rangrasiya should be given a second chance.


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